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K.S. Khokhar International is a well established Pakistan company that specializes in the importation and distribution of quality Martial Art Uniforms and Boxing Equipments.

K.S. Khokhar International started business as a local manufacturer in the beginning of nineteen ninety five (1995), by the time we started to import some items from different markets of the World which were not easily available in our Country to maintain the standard of quality of our manufactured products. While achieving the International standard of quality of our goods, instead of supplying manufactured goods to the exporters, we ourselves did start Exporting Martial Arts & Leather products in 2000 at the time having a back-up excellent experience of more than 5 years. By the grace of God our standard and favorable prices increased the demand of our products in the World Market.

At the time we have membership of the following Organizations:-

We take great pride in the extensive wide range of Martial Arts Uniforms and Boxing Equipments quality  we offer in a multitude of disciplines. However, even more importantly, we have a policy of maintaining a very significant range of Martial Arts Uniforms and Boxing Equipments on the shelf in our central warehouse available for immediate dispatch to the client on receipt of an order.

K.S. Khokhar International is manufacturing its products with fully equipped & latest technology of modern era. We are serving the World market since last well over 10 years, because we deal in quality & price conscious products with the motto "Honesty - The Best". Right with the selection of raw material up to the finishing touch & packing, the entire operation is conducted by highly qualified and trained hands.

We welcome any inquires/quotes that you may wish to raise. Please do not hesitate to contact us direct on any of the  mediums, phone, fax, or e-mail, obtain the right Martial Arts Uniforms and Boxing Equipments for the task at hand.

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Our new products arev according to international standard and made with latest technology with 100% quality.

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